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_This was Art on Paper in collaboration with BOZAR, Levy.Delval, Brussels [B]

Known for his intimate drawings, Baelen integrates a new layer, hidden under the candid drawings of his studio or apartment and inspired by newspaper tragedies. The titles bear two dates: of the drawing and of the newspaper. The tension between intimate space and public space is embodied by this series of drawings which is the core of this solo presentation. [Florent Delval]

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PAPERCUTS - SOFAM Soundsketches, Art on Paper, [A proposal by Marie Cantos]

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2018, A Portfolio Recent werk [NL]

2018, Article Art Newspaper [FR]

2018, Text M. Stamenkovic [EN]

2015, Article Agenda Magazine [NL]

2015, Article Miles [NL]

2015, Article Hart [NL]

2015, Article Tekenen Vandaag OKV [NL]

2015, Article Sabato [NL]

2014, Text MAC International [EN]

2013, Catalogue, Mais elle est ou, la peinture [NL]

2013, Text E. Lambion [EN]

2012, Article Isel [NL]

2012, Text H. Von Amelunxen [DE]

2012, Text H. Von Amelunxen [EN]

2011, Text E. Kerremans [NL]

2011, Text E. Kerremans [FR]

2011, Article Hart [NL]

2011, Article Victoire [FR]

2011, Book Der Raum im Verzug

2011, Text E. Kerremans [EN]

2010, Interview K. Billiet [NL]

2010, Article Het Nieuwsblad [NL]

2010, Text F. Bernardelli [EN]

2009, Article VMD [NL]

2008, Text P. Ronse [FR]

2008, Text P. Ronse [EN]

2008, Text P. Ronse [NL]

2008, Text S. Maes [NL]

2007, Text M. Mels [EN]