Selected Projects (2001—2009)



Steven Baelen draws his surroundings using the finest, classically schooled and yet strangest crosshatching, and the small, everyday world in space that he has spent years manically applying to paper, line by line, emerges into the light, right out of the thicket of this shading. This world is, and is not. It is emergent effacement, emergent obliteration. Born of the state of being in the space, each line of ink or pencil transfers the space entirely to the imaginary level of a possible space and - if we didn t know otherwise - totally effaces the real, three-dimensional space with the fourth dimension of the drawing as it is completed, thus keeping it within the plane of the image alone. A creative destruction. [Hubertus von Amelunxen], Der Raum im Verzug
NOTEBOOK_10, pencil on paper, 47x64 cm, 2018
NOTEBOOK_09, ink on paper, 21x32,5 cm, 2017
NOTEBOOK_08, pencil on paper, 21x29,7 cm, 2016-2017
NOTEBOOK_07, pencil on paper, 21x29,7 cm, 2014
NOTEBOOK_06, pencil on paper, 21x29,7 cm, 2009-2010
NOTEBOOK_05, pencil on paper, 18x20 cm, 2009
NOTEBOOK_04, pencil on paper, 13,5x17,5 cm, 2007-2008
NOTEBOOK_03, pencil on paper, 19x48,5 cm, 2007
NOTEBOOK_02, pencil on paper, 21x32,5 cm, 2006
NOTEBOOK_01, pencil on paper, 21x32,5 cm, 2006